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恋文 ; a loveletter [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
恋文 ; a loveletter

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<3 [Jan. 11th, 2008|12:55 pm]
恋文 ; a loveletter
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Alright peoples!  Time to move it on out.


.... Is the new place o' choice!  It's a community but you totally don't have to join!  Simply click the 'watch community' button and have fun.  Lots of updates coming soon (I promise lol)  Plus it'll make weeding out the abandoned journals a lot easier.


koiibumi koiibumi koiibumi koiibumi
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2008|12:33 pm]
恋文 ; a loveletter
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Hey guys!

I'm thinking of changing this journal over to a community- it would make things a LOT easier for me since I'd be able to update from my (regular) username : negroyella.

Long story short, I FINALLY have internet back up (I haven't heard a steady connection since spring of 2006- I've only been able to surf from work ;___; ) so I can totally go back to upping new files/music.

Look for a couple quickie updates soon.. I have very little time on my hands with work, responsibilities, etc but I can at least ensure fun downloads ;;;
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dps : LOVELY [May. 31st, 2007|03:37 pm]
恋文 ; a loveletter
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deeps - Lovely!
/ 224 kbps
/ 1998.07.08 OOP

01  Sunshine Love
02  ハピネス
03  Love is Real
04  真夏のDistance
06  Jealousy
07  Memories
08  リゾート
09  プレミア
10  ヴァージンラヴ
11  Good Night, My Broken Heart
12  Love is Real(deep Night 2:00am Mix)

The three forgotten lovely ladies of deeps - Aki, Eri and Chika were practically picked up from a street corner.  Literally.  Imagine SPEED's vocal range at a much, lower pitch, identical music, awkward dance moves and more adult presentation.  You guessed it.  deeps.  (Spell is backwards for crying out loud.)  Hiromasa Ijichi, the brainchild of the four famous Okinawan girls, made the somewhat poor choice of creating a brand new girl unit with the initial objective to mirror SPEED's look and success only with a more mature targeted audience (think 20+ y/o females).  As expected, the unit bombed, being labeled as a cheap SPEED knock-off and in 1999, the girls took a hardcore GAL make-over, renaming their group to dps, sporting a somewhat trashy but infectious Euro-beat sound.

If you liked SPEED's sound but disliked the shrill, somewhat flimsy vocals, dps will rock your world.  Please leave a comment if downloading!
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