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恋文 ; a loveletter

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small request [May. 28th, 2007|11:43 am]
恋文 ; a loveletter
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I actually requested this at my (personal) journal.  I'm a little desperate. ;;;

Does anyone happen to have SPEED's Carry on My Way album?  I've been searching everywhere for it- I found the CD case buried in my shelf.. but of course, no CD ;;;;;  I requested it at one point at the speed fanclub BBS but I never checked back and the DL link expired ;;;  I''d seriously appreciate it, a LOT.

Thank you in advance if anyone can help me.
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EARTH - Bright Tomorrow [01.3.28] [May. 28th, 2007|09:36 am]
恋文 ; a loveletter
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EARTH - Bright Tomorrow
/ 224 kbps

01  History of us
02  Boys Like That
03  I’m Happy We Met
04  羽根
05  Wedding Road
06  wonderful world
07  Is This Love
08  For No Reason
09  Your song
10  My bright tomorrow
11  time after time
12  Is This Love(stay real to groove mix:BANANA ICE)

A brilliant debut album from a brilliant, yet short lived Avex girl group.  The end of SPEED brought various girly groups to the limelight with only a few actually breaking the mold.  Strangely, while the girls of EARTH (Toga Yuka, Setoyama Sayaka and Tomonaga Maya) were amoung the truly talented, they were also amoung the extremely short lived (from 2000 to 2001).  Frankily I'd take these rockin chicks over the Dream or Folder5 girls anytime, but hey.  It's a couple years too late.  With smooth vocals, amazing dance moves and groovy tunes, the girls went on to release two more wonderful singles and various unreleased songs/performances before finally breaking up and going their separate ways.  Maya's gone solo (however, hasn't released much), while Sayaka joined indies electronic group, sp.  The only truly active member, Yuka, formed two-girl act REAL-BREATH and has since released their debut album.

As always, please comment if downloading.
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Eriko Imai (elly) - Single Collection ~Stairway~ [04.11.25] [Feb. 18th, 2007|12:05 pm]
恋文 ; a loveletter
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**  zip, 224 kpbs

-------------------1998 - 2001 (TF)------------------
01 冷たくしないで(Eriko with Crunch)
03 Red Beat of My Life(Eriko with Crunch)
04 Luv is Magic(Eriko with Crunch)
05 in the Name of Love
06 identity
07 Set Me Free!
-------------------2002- 2003 (AVEX)---------------
08 Don't Stop the music
09 Our Relation
10 Butterfly
11 Can U feel me?
12 Stairway

This was actually originally posted at JPMP3 (&jphip), I figured why not spread the love a little and not let the link go to waste. This was the former Eriko Imai's (now currently known as 'elly') second album which is actually a fab collection of her singles. GREAT album chock full of classic TF tunes of her fast & aggressive rock & dance hits. Her upbeat style failed to carry over to her first album as elly which is full of dreamy melodies and pretty ballads, enjoyable regardless however Eriko's dance songs will forever be my favourites of hers and this collection is overflowing.  The songs chronicle her solo career as far back as 1998 when she was still a member of SPEED and carry over to her change of labels to Avex.  Many of these songs are just classic and I cannot even begin to recommend them enough especially if you're less into ballads and more into shaking your @ss !  There's a great variation of styles and while it makes the disc on the whole a little inconsistent, it makes it all the more entertaining!

Apologies in advance for the megaupload link- for some reason my wifi connection is so horrid that not only do I have huge problems DLing, I also apparently have huge problems uploading.  It took me like five tries (literally) to upload this... pyonn.net wouldn't work for me initially.  Think of it as a bonus.
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